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27 février 2008

Un peu comme l’ami Sébastien Provencher, je me sens un peu frustré de ne pas pouvoir assister, comme Mitch Joel, à la conférence TED de Monterey en Californie, conférence qui débute ce matin. Ce qui vient adoucir mes moeurs, c’est un courriel envoyé par l’organisation et que je reproduis ci-dessous :

«There’s a huge sense of anticipation in Monterey and Aspen as TED2008 opens today. With 50 main speakers and another 50 shorter talks and performances, there’s a real feast in store. For those of you who can’t be here, here’s how you can enjoy TED from afar.

First and foremost, we are opening up one complete session of TED free to the world, streamed live over the web. It’s the dramatic session tomorrow evening when three remarkable individuals each unveil their TED Prize wish. (« One wish to change the world. No restrictions. Think big. Be creative. »)

I invite you to join a global audience as Dave Eggers, Neil Turok and Karen Armstrong share their inspiring visions, followed by the uplifting music of Vusi Mahla sela.

You can see the live video feed here on Thursday, starting at 5.15pm US Pacific Time and lasting a couple of hours. You’ll probably need a broadband connection to see the video properly. There’s a button below the video to select a full-screen view.

We’ve been working with the three prize winners for the past few months and we’re truly excited about what we think they’re about to reveal.

If you watch with family or friends, please email us a picture of your group (to and/or describe your experience of the session. We’d love to get a sense of the global community joining us for this special moment. Many thanks to our partners Adobe for making this webcast possible.

Meanwhile you can keep up with the conference by checking in on the official TED blog, plus the brilliant blogs maintained by Ethan Zuckerman and our very own Bruno Giussani. We may have a few tasty surprises for you during the week.

You can also see a rapidly-growing gallery of pictures from the conference here.

And Portfolio magazine has an impressive curtain-raiser on the conference here.

Best wishes from the all-abuzz TED Team»

C’est ce que j’appelle de la grande classe et une conférence très 2.0, même si pour être sur place, il faut réserver deux ans d’avance et débourser 6 000$, juste pour être parmi les 1 000 invités… Il y a aussi Mitch qui nous a promis quelques podcasts… À suivre..

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  • Répondre laurent 27 février 2008 - 14 h 27 min

    Merci Claude! Le dernier podcast de Mitch (ou était-ce l’avant dernier) avait piqué ma curiosité, surtout en ce qui à trait de l’événement parallèle Bill (d’où la joke Bill & Ted). Je vais tenter de regarder le videostream ce soir, quand il sera live…

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