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Heard about Connect 2012? …No? You should!

9 mai 2012

Well… Firsts are firsts… In my last post I made a rare exception in publishing a post from another source… This time I will publish my one and only post in English on this blog since it’s debut in 2006. It’s for a good cause: Connect 2012.

Disclosure:«I’m the Program chairman for 3 of the events staged in the Connect 2012 week».

montage connect

This said, you wonder what to do between May 14 and May 17? You heard about webcom-Montreal before? Of course, it’s a bilingual event and it will be the 12th edition next week. 12th? Yes cause it’s staged twice a year, usually in May and November and hosts the best and the brightest of the Web 2.0 speakers in THE WORLD, Canadian, Americans, Brits, Serbs, Russians, Germans, etc. name it. You heard about SXSW or been there ? You went to Web 2.0 Summit in SF?. Connect 2012 is in the same big league with more than 120 speakers from around the world and also a group of 20 international bloggers. Between these two dates you will have Workshops the 14 on all sort of subjects, from Marketing to Social Business passing by Cloud computing etc. On the 15, the organizers will stage «La Boule de cristal», the biggest IT event in the province with the theme «It’s all about Data» with keynotes speakers such as Ariel Garten on Thought Control Computing, Alistair Croll on Big Data, Gordon Bell from Microsoft on LifeLogging, Julie Steele from O’Reilly on Data Visualisation.

The 3rd day, the organizers will stage webcom-Montreal that will be oriented on Social Business with international stars such as Jeremiah Owyang, Sameer Patel from SAP, Rawn Shah from IBM, Thomas Vander Wal from InfoCloud Solutions, Aaron Strout, the «guru» of Location Based Marketing and many more. And on Thursday, they will present MixMedias Montreal, an event for Web content & video producers with international stars such as Ben Kunz, Richard Millington, Bryan Segal, Stowe Boyd, Andy Nulman and many more.

And more events because you also have, inside webcom-Montreal, a live event called Gouv 2.0, a webcamp, a bookstore event. Inside MixMedia you also have Montreal Web Video  event with also great international speakers such as Adrienne McAllister from Google, and outside the day events you have all sorts of Galas and Partys. The most glamour of them will be staged on Wednesday night with the Numix  Quebec’s multimedia production Awards and to close the evening, the New Tech Industry Party at the SAT. Ouf…

Not registered yet ? Think twice… You’re going to miss the coolest event on new Web & Internet technologies in town !!!

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