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Ma participation à la conférence LeWeb08

17 novembre 2008

Dans moins d’un mois, je m’envole pour Paris, où je retrouverai, entre autres Patricia Tessier et Bertrand Duperrin afin de bloguer avec d’autres «blogueurs officiels» la conférence LeWeb08, organisée par Loïc et Géraldine LeMeur.

La responsable du groupe de blogueurs et elle-même blogueuse émérite Stephanie Booth, nous a demandé de répondre à un petit questionnaire (en anglais) afin que les membres du groupe en apprennent sur ceux et celles qu’ils ne connaissent pas déjà. Alors, voici ma présentation :

Stephanie sent us an email demanding that we introduce ourselves. First, thanks for inviting us and helping Loic and the rest of the organization make a success of this event, that will be my third. I blogged the event in 2006 and 2007 and remember, in particular the appearance of Nicolas Sarkozy, in 2006 that stirred up controversy and the appearance in 2007 of Hans Rosling and Philippe Starck and that, for very different reasons.

I’m not new to this conference but I’m very excited to meet our little community and live this new experience with you. It will be also the first time that I blog AND micro-blog a conference entirely. So SYS.

**Who I am**

Claude Malaison, quebecois blogger (French speaking Canadian because I live in Montreal that is and because Québec province is still speaking French in a North American sea of English & Spanish speaking communities). I blog on WordPress about the integration of new Web technologies in the enterprise (so called Enterprise 2.0) but also about Semantic Web, Cloud computing , Gaming and LifeLogs.

Here in Montreal I have the nickname «Son Émergence», referring to the name of my blog, EmergenceWeb, name that says it all. I also teach Interactive Communications at the University of Montreal, give conferences around the world on Enterprise 2.0 and organize the international conference called webcom-Montreal. I have my own company since December 2005 after being an Intranet Coordinator for more than 10 years. In my spare time, I work to promote our non-benefit organization ( that regroups business bloggers around the world and eat thousands of kilometres on my bike every year.

**Where I blog** is my main blog.
I regularly also blog on :

I also micro-blog every day on Twitter

**Most exciting this year at LeWeb’08**

The Netvibes Party !…. Seriously, I look forward to many panels, especially on December 10 with : David Glazer, Director of Engineering, Google, Dave Morin, Senior Platform Manager, Facebook, David Recordon, Open Platforms Tech Lead , SixApart and Moderator: Marc Canter – CEO, Broadband Mechanics.

I also look forward on hearing Dr. Brian Cox – The School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester, Marissa Mayer – Google, Vice President, Search Products and User Experience, Joi Ito – CEO, Creative Commons, Robin Good – New Media Innovator, Explorer, Independent Publisher,Master New Media, and Chris Anderson – Curator, TED. I’m also intrigued by the theme of the conference: LOVE and how Loïc and Geraldine will pull this one out.

**Looking forward to meeting**

Like Stephanie says, all of you, and seeing my old friends again. I’m not worried as she is. I arrive in Paris on the 8th and heads back to Montreal on the 14th. So, I have plenty of time to meet YOU and many friends like Fred Cavazza, Bertrand Duperrin, Vincent Berthelot, Éric Blot, Natacha Quester-Séméon & others. I may even have time to organize a Yulbiz-Paris with friend Fred Cavazza, so stay tuned. I also look forward meeting our host and friend Loïc.

**My role**

To blog and micro-blog this conference for our readers here in Quebec and generate hundreds of comments, the proof that what I write about the panels & conferences stirs up interest and passion. This will be the first time that I do both. Micro-blogging will be my way of taking notes for a following in-depth analysis on my blog. So I’m looking forward to this new experience that I’ll share with you all.

**Usual suspects**
Pseudo Skype : emergenceweb1

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  • Répondre Vinvin 17 novembre 2008 - 13 h 48 min

    Je serai ravi de t’y voir ! 😉

  • Répondre claudemalaison 17 novembre 2008 - 15 h 52 min

    Me demandais si tu y serais ou si tu garderais le fort à SF. S’il y a un Yulbiz, tu viens ? À bientôt !

  • Répondre Michelle Blanc 17 novembre 2008 - 20 h 56 min

    Oublie pas de swinger la bacaise dans l’fond de la boîte à bois en notre honneur cher Claude. Ammuse-toi bien et je regrette de ne pas y être. Mais je vais suivre tes péripéties cia tes nombreuses présences Web…

  • Répondre La Femme Digitale » Archive du Blog » Paresse, Webcom, Elle et les blogueuses… 9 décembre 2008 - 17 h 40 min

    […] avec des femmes digitales québécoises bien sûr, mais aussi retrouvailles avec mes amis Claude et Philippe principaux artisans de cette journée très réussie, avant goût du Web8 à Paris […]

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